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4 Amazing Local Parks

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

From historic homes and waterfront estates to multi-family residential complexes and high-rise apartment buildings, New Rochelle's neighborhoods are charming, diverse and appealing. The City has a collection of parklands and nature preserves, with 102.5 acres of inland waters, 231.51 acres of public park lands and 168 acres of park space. Take a look at some of the local residents’ favorites below.

1.Glen Island Park

Exclusive to Westchester County residents, Glen Island Park takes the cake when it comes to locals raving about their most treasured locations in New Rochelle. Enjoyable all year round, it offers a beach for that summer splash.The water views are magnificent, especially when the cheerful sails of the sailboats are gently waving in the wind. A perfect place to take a stroll, enjoy a BBQ and take the kids to play at the playground.

Discover an opulent retreat, The Glen Island Harbor Club. Located on the park grounds, the venue gets all the buzz for being a truly spectacular banquet facility. Surrounded by gently breaking waves on a secluded island, breathtaking sunsets and a story-book chapel with dramatic views of the New York skyline bridges, it serves up not just the stellar panorama, but a world-class cuisine as well.

2. Five Island Park

A hidden gem, Five Island Park is aptly named, as it is exactly that- five islands, interconnected via foot bridges. Extremely safe, as parking permit is required and available only to New Rochelle residents, it is a wonderful place for kids of all ages to run around, bike, watch the seagulls crack open seashells, and gaze at the waters of the Long Island Sound. A perfect place to get some exercise by taking a jog from island to island, this well maintained, resident-only park offers a playground, kayaking and paddle boarding. Excel at your grilling game while taking in the gorgeous views of the Bay and allow nature to rejuvenate your spirits by exploring hobbies such as early morning fishing or bird watching.

3. Hudson Park and Beach

Right across the Bay from Five Island Park is Hudson Park and Beach. Hudson Park and Beach are as old as the Sound itself. Currently major renovation plans have been filed for community’s review. Endearing to all, Hudson Park has been attracting people of all ages to this shore point for longer than they can remember. The park features a lush recreation area with a playground, seating area, newly renovated bathhouse and two beaches that allow swimming.

Under normal circumstances, during summer months it’s reminiscent of the Woodstock festival, with New Rochelle Council on the Arts’ Summer Sounds Concerts and people relaxing in the sun. July 4th Fireworks, the Lighted Boat Parade and the Snapper Fishing Derby also take place here. Birdwatchers enjoy an occasional sighting of an osprey, flying by with his catch.

To keep this beach immaculately clean, the town does not allow for food or drink near it, so enjoy the sun, fresh air and pristine sand, and when you get hungry, you’re just a stone-throw away from restaurants with fresh seafood. Vacation vibes all around, but only if you are a resident of New Rochelle. Non-residents are not allowed in any of these beaches or parks.

4. Ward Acres Park

Ward Acres Park is a 65 acre combination of hiking trails, a fenced in 5 acre dog park, named Paws Place, and a community garden. It used to be a farm and it still retains that feeling with quaint stone walls and an old barn. A dog lover’s favorite, it’s alive with furry friends throughout, not just in the enormous 5 acre enclosure. There are plenty of water bowls for the pooches to enjoy, and left over tennis balls to have an un-paw-gettable experience with.The dog walkers do an excellent job of cleaning up after their dogs. If you own a K9, this place is not to be scratched off the list.

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