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The New New Rochelle

The New Rochelle of tomorrow is a high-density, transit-rich, equitable City unlike any other in the world. Here is a visualization of the completed New Rochelle skyline, based on real-scale 3D-Modeling of all of the development projects currently underway in New Rochelle. The approximately twenty projects with approvals from the City feature over 4,000 new units of housing of all types and affordability, square footage for new stores and restaurants, and new parks, plazas and public spaces throughout the downtown. All of these projects are made possible by the City’s new Downtown Overlay Zone Form-based Code and streamlined development review process.

Grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden

At the heart of the City of New Rochelle is an unparalleled sense of community; where the dedication and support of active volunteers and City leaders help to elevate neighborhoods to new heights. One such example is the City’s public-private partnership with nonprofit Grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden, who have transformed a section of Lincoln Park into a thriving community garden and education center for area youth. Hundreds of young people in New Rochelle are now equipped with the knowledge of the importance of urban agriculture, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Activities in the garden go well beyond planting and harvesting to include yoga, music, cooking (with garden ingredients!), and art.

Photo Credit: Crafted, Inc. 

Grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden

Dancing in the Streets

New Rochelle knows that the street is the epicenter of civic life, and where residents, visitors, and businesses can interact freely and develop a sense of place. Moreover, when the street is turned back to pedestrians, activity and culture naturally blossom. Many times a year in New Rochelle, the rights-of-way are given back to the people for the purpose of celebrations, festivals, street fairs, farmers markets, and parades. Here, the annual New Rochelle Street Fair involves all the stores along Main Street turning inside out and bringing their business outside to the people; all in the name of culture and community.

Photo Credit: The New Rochelle Downtown Business Improvement District.

Photo credit: Crafted, Inc.


One of New Rochelle’s Greatest assets is the beautiful Long Island Sound just steps away from the heart of a bustling downtown. When you need to get away from it all and just put your toes in the sand, Glen Island Park in New Rochelle can deliver. Here, sunbathers on the crescent-shaped beach enjoy the sounds of soft, lapping waves while they soak up some vitamin D.

Photo credit: Crafted, Inc.

A Wired City

You don’t have to live in New York City to experience a City on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it’s free municipal Wi-Fi throughout downtown, or a city-wide electric scooter share program, New Rochelle knows what it means to be forward-thinking and forward-doing. In 2018, New Rochelle was selected as the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenge Nationwide Winner, for its efforts in developing a municipally-led virtual reality start-up and incubator in its downtown – the first of its kind in the country. This IDEA Lab (Interactive Digital Environments Alliance) will utilize state-of-the-art virtual reality and augmented reality applications to help engage and empower its residents in the City’s planning and design process.


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